pics that make my panties drop

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you can’t take the trick out of the trickster.

piece done for both fun and the #Gabriel_Lives 2014 book project!! the theme is “bad ass gabriel” and i wanted an excuse to draw a more intense angel blade

Not a submission for the project, but too good not to share nonetheless. 

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My brain the first time I saw Richard Speight Jr. in Supernatural:

1. Wow, I didn’t know that a janitor kink was something I needed in my life. Thanks for that.

2. Oh no, he can do that crinkley eye smile thingy. *drops face into hands*

3.AND DIMPLES. Shit. This motherfucker’s got dimples. I am so very screwed.

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Young Richard Speight Jr, guys. If this isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen I don’t know.

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Richard ♥

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Gabriel Screen Caps - Changing Channels - Season 5

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I’m only human

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